Mom's Nutrition and Fitness Style

a woman is exercise by using a dumbell

Take this quiz and discover your personality style as a mom!

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When doing family activities,

a family is raising a child properly and they are having a good time on a beach together

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Which of the following best describes you as a mom?

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As a mom, I seek

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In making decisions as a mom, what do you do first?

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Which is easier for you?

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What is most important to you?

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1.       Which typically sounds more fun to you?

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In setting up and achieving life goals

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When talking about weight loss and diet

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When it comes to my everyday activities

a female worker is happily doing her job in an office

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As a mom, I teach my children

a mother and her child is having a good activity together

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When it comes to my health and the health of my children:

a woman is drinking water on her bed

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