Time management is very important for mothers. There are lots of things to be done for a mom’s everyday life.

Determining your time management style as a mom would help you improve your weaknesses and discover the full potential of your strengths. Take this quiz to determine your time management styles as a mother!

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When I go to a party,

2 / 12

When I have tasks to do,

3 / 12

I become stressed when my child will be late for school,

a mother is taking her kids to school

4 / 12

When my child has a birthday party,

parents are setting up a birthday party for their child

5 / 12

When I still have a task to complete and another new task is given

6 / 12

Which is true for you as a mom?

7 / 12

When going on a family trip,

8 / 12

Which one works best for you?

9 / 12

If there is a big task,

10 / 12

When I have free time, I

11 / 12

Whenever my child has projects

12 / 12

If there is a parent meeting at school,

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