Understanding your child’s learning style is very important for you to fully support them in their quest for learning and discovering new things.

There are four learning style categories, namely: Visual Learners, Auditory Learners, Reading/Writing Learners, and Kinesthetic Learners.

Find out your child’s learning style by taking this quiz!

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Your child remembers better by

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When trying to learn a new song, what does your child usually do for easier memorization?


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You ask your child to go to a new shop for an errand. What your child would likely do?

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It’s your child’s first day of school, what would your child likely do?

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When your child wants to learn a sport, your child would likely?

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What does your child usually do when using the internet?


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When seeing a new project, what your child would like do?

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When learning, which way would your child likely choose to learn more?

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When going to the mall, which item would your child likely pick?

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When solving a math problem, my child would likely

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Which one seems to be very easy for your child?


father and his kids is playing together in a field

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If your child has a new pet, what would your child likely do?

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Which of the following does your child usually do in their alone time?

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Your child has a cooking project, which do you think your child would do in preparation?

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If you give your child a toy to assemble, what your child would likely do?

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