There are many types of parents, some types lead to better outcomes for their children, while others, not so much. Find out what type of parent you are!

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What would your reaction be if your child wanted to get a part-time job?

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What's the deal in your household when it comes to sibling sharing?

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How do you feel about your child's use of their cell phone?

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It's time for your child to choose a college. What's your take on it?

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How do you participate in your child's sporting activities?

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What do you think your child would say about you when you're not there?

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When it comes to skill building, you think that your 10 year old child should

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What sort of allowance do you give your child?


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If you had to pick one of the five subjects for your 10 year old child to focus on and excel at, you will pick:


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If your child is going to the movies, what would you do to make sure they are not seeing something unsuitable?


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You get a call saying your child has been in trouble at school. How do you react?

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My 12 year old child's eating habits are:


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Your child is 13 and the school counselor encourages him to start to think about career choices, what do you do?


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To combat the damaging and potentially depression-inducing social pressures that teenagers face in today's generation, you will

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Your child likes playing with remote control cars. His 12th birthday is around the corner, you will:

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Your child has decided they want to give up music lessons; what would you say?

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When it comes to financial literacy, you think that your 12 year old child should

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How do you control your child's Internet use?

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What do you do about vetting your child's friends?

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What is your approach when it comes to teaching your child how to cook?

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Date Nights Are:

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You suspect your child has got hold of a false ID and maybe drinking. What would you do?

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What are your rules about your child's homework?

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Your child is brought home by the cops after committing a minor misdemeanour; what's your reaction?

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Your child's room is in a terrible state. What are you going to do about it?

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