All You Need To Know About Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are mostly known as contraceptive pills. They are an excellent choice for women who know they are not ready for children.

However, like every medication, you need to understand how to properly use birth control, its effectiveness, its side effects, and any negative effects it could have on your system.

Who should not take birth control pills?

Generally, any woman who needs to take birth control pills may do so per the doctor’s instructions or instructions written in the pack.

However, a group of people may not be able to take birth control pills anyhow. These people have certain health conditions like leg thrombosis, lung problems, endometrial problems, obesity, thromboembolic disease, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and women suffering from old age. If people suffering from these diseases take birth control without proper supervision or the go-ahead from a doctor, it may lead to serious complications.

How to use birth control pills effectively

Oral contraceptive pills are usually divided into two main types (excluding emergency contraceptive pills), they include:

1. Combined hormonal contraceptives

These are pills containing both Estrogen and Progesterone.

These birth control pills can be divided into those with 21 pills and those with  28 pills (7 placebo pills). Some brands also come in 24 pills (4 placebo pills), and others, 22 hormonal pills followed by a 6-day interval.

These pills often require you to take 1 at the same time every day, and after the pack is complete, you take a few days’ breaks. It’s 7 days for the pack with 21 pills.

2. Progesterone-only oral contraceptives

These pills are suitable for women to take care of themselves during lactation. They are used to often prevent ovulation, and just like the other kind, they are to be taken religiously for 28 days.

Side effects of taking birth control pills for a long time

Those who have just started taking birth control pills for the first time may experience nausea, vomiting, breast congestion, chest pain, and intermittent bleeding that will subside.

However, for people who have experience taking it, there is an increased chance of other side effects like weight gain, hair loss, and acne.

Long-term use of birth control pills may slightly increase your risk for people with hereditary cancer. This is because the hormone Estrogen is increased by using these birth control pills.

 However, if the drug is stopped for more than 10 years, the risk will be lower than normal people’s.

How to buy suitable birth control pills

This is another popular question for people new to birth control pills. What brand of pill should you buy?

You should visit a pharmacist or hospital and explain what you desire birth control to do for you. Based on your explanation and health status, you will be recommended the best brand of pill suitable for your use. 

If, after use, you notice any side effects, then it’s best to go back to your doctor or pharmacist and let them know.

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