Family Activities To Build Relationships With Your Adolescent Child

As a child grows up, they move from childhood to adolescence. The adolescence stage often comes with a lot of noticeable changes, both physical and mental. As an adolescent, your child will begin to think and act differently than they used to. Their social circle and influence have expanded beyond family to friends, school, and the media.

Teenagers tend to crave dominance and distance themselves away from their families. Thus, as a parent with a teenager, you must constantly build and maintain a healthy relationship with your child. Doing so helps ensure that your child is properly guided and reduces the possibility of them engaging in anything inappropriate.

While such change doesn’t necessarily call for alarm, you must endeavor to remain an important figure in your child’s life during this period of adolescence. Don’t look at all their actions as weird or try to stop and control them. Instead, show love and understanding. If they are doing something inappropriate, discipline them properly with understanding and not violence or hurtful words.

Recommended activities to do together as a family

Maintaining a healthy family relationship with your adolescent is very important. A great way to do so is by engaging in activities together as a family. Here are a few recommended activities that help strengthen that family bond

1. Play games together

Many teenagers like to play games as they derive joy and excitement from them. As a family, engage in activities where you get to play a lot of games. During family vacations or just a regular night, play indoor games together. You can spice it up by having a reward for the winner or winning team.

Show them support if you notice your child takes a special interest in mobile or internet games. This makes them feel loved and understood. 

2. Cook together as a family

Raising a child to have a healthy family relationship during their teenage years involves doing a lot of shared or thoughtful activities. One such activity is cooking.

At certain times, cook together as a family. This is a great way to bond over great food and share old family recipes (if you have any). Also, this way, you get to teach your child the basic survival skill of cooking.

3. Travel upcountry

Raising children to be happy requires frequent open-world experiences. Try to go on family vacations as often as you can. Travel up country and enjoy being around nature. This gives the family, especially the children, a break from their regular life and activities.

4. Gardening

Another recommended family activity to do with your teenager is gardening. Gardening is an activity that teaches one patience and to appreciate the beauty of nature. You can make them plant their own tree and help nurture it.

This greatly affects the emotional well-being of your child as it gives them something to look forward to.

It is important to build and maintain a healthy relationship with your children. No teenager wants to feel misunderstood or unloved by their parents. Hence, you should make a conscious effort to be there for your teenage child.

Engaging in the above-recommended activities may help create a family bonding time which, if utilized properly, helps you effectively show love to your children.

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