How long for maternity leave and how much will you get paid?

Modern-day mothers have a burning question inside their heads: How many days of maternity leave is mandated by the law? This article has all the answers relating to this question plus additional info that all mothers should know. Inquiring about the latest maternity leave law is beneficial for everyone. So, how many days of maternity leave are granted to a mother? Do you receive a salary when you are granted maternity leave? What are the benefits of maternity leave? Both public (government staff) and private sector employees should not miss out on the benefits awarded with maternity leave for mothers.

What are the rights and benefits of mothers taking maternity leave?

As the new generation of women is entering the workforce in full force, the importance of maternity leave is growing day by day. Even when having a family, women still have to earn money to support their families. From the start of pregnancy till the due date of childbirth, many questions naturally arise that expecting mothers need answers to. These questions can be: For how many days can you take maternity leave? Can I get paid maternity leave? What are the rights of women under maternity leave? Therefore, I would like to discuss some interesting information regarding the maternity leave law for all mothers. This information is also useful for the fathers who have to take care of their newborn children.

International Maternity Leave Laws

Mothers around the world should pay attention to this part of the article as it talks about the various international maternity leave laws that they are entitled to. Many countries attach great importance to this issue, especially the Scandinavian countries such as Finland, Sweden, and Norway. In most European countries, both parents are entitled to paid parental leave at the birth of their child where they will receive their basic salaries for up to 7 months. In such instances, pregnant women can also take an additional month of leave and their pay will be covered by their respective governments. Single mothers or single fathers can get up to 14 months of parental leave.

How many days can I get maternity leave in Thailand?

The question is: How many days of maternity leave is a woman entitled to in Thailand? Currently, the entitlement for mothers to take maternity leave, social security, and civil servants will be 98 days (from what many people mistakenly think like 90 days), which is adjusted according to the maternity leave law of the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare. This can be included during pregnancy which requires a trip to the hospital for a pregnancy test. If the period between 98 days of maternity leave falls on work holidays, public holidays (Company holidays), vacation, annual leave, etc. such days are not included in the mandated 98 days of the maternity leave.

Welfare benefits for mothers on maternity leave

When mothers know the exact number of days that they are entitled to in their maternity leaves, now comes the aspect of the financial benefits that are included in the maternity leave. Several benefits are mandated by the law on maternity leave. These benefits are divided into people working in private companies and civil servants under the patronage of the government and they are:

1. Mothers who work in a private company

  • Welfare from the private company: Employees will not receive a salary for 3 months on maternity leave (98 days), but will be entitled to compensation for 45 days instead. For example, when the average salary that is calculated daily is 1,000 baht per day (i.e. monthly salary is 30,000 baht) that particular woman will receive a total compensation of 45,000 baht under the maternity leave clause.
  • Welfare from social security: Both insured persons under Section 33 (company employees) and Section 39 (self-employed) can reimburse both natural and surgical maternity costs totaling up to 15,000 baht per childbirth. If it is not a hospital that is registered with social security, you must reserve the payment and make the payment later.

For mothers who are eligible for social security, there is also a postpartum allowance. It is an allowance of 800 baht per month per child until the age of 6 and during the antenatal check – prenatal antenatal examination is also entitled to receive a total of 1,500 baht, which can be withdrawn before or after giving birth.

2. Mothers who work in the government

For mothers who are civil servants and government staff, they will be able to use the maternity leave financial benefits according to the criteria specified by the agency (mostly government hospitals) and be eligible to receive a regular salary for up to 90 days.

Whether a mother works in the public or private sector, both types of employees are entitled to maternity leave mandated by the government. To create a state of peace of mind, maternity leave is an important part of a mother’s life as she needs a break from work to take care of her newborn child and start a family. When you take maternity leave, you can take care of your baby with the utmost confidence and attention and don’t have to worry about the financial aspect of parenting.

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