How to Deal with Phone Addicted Children Effectively

Why are children nowadays addicted to mobile phones?

It cannot be denied that when the era has changed, people’s lives have also changed. This era is an era where the internet can be accessed in every corner of the world. Everything is online 24/7. Meeting friends don’t need one to leave the house or go out to see each other to do activities together. Children can play games online with their friends anytime, or chat and talk 24 hours a day when they want to. Therefore, there is a social problem in this era.

The problem of children being addicted to mobile phones is a problem that parents need to focus on. They seriously need to help fix it otherwise, the child will be the full victim. Fix it when it can be fixed so that the child grows up quality. All this comes from having a good and strong family background and a strong bond within the family.

How to solve cell phone addiction effectively

This screen-addicted problem is a new problem for today’s families. So far, we have seen that parents are one of the many reasons why children these days are addicted to the screen. This behavior of parents giving their children mobile phones aimlessly has led to unforeseen consequences. It’s also evident how parents these days will purchase a new smartphone for their small children, as a way of keeping them distracted. Phones have become the new toy of this generation.

If you want to know what the negative effects of such, let’s go see it together.

Effects of being phone addicted both physical and mental health.

1. Short-sightedness and eye inflammation

Some cases are so severe that one has to undergo surgery. Consequences such as headaches, neck pain, etc. as well.

2. The brain becomes dull due to a lack of creativity

Due to a lack of development of ideas and studies, the kid is slowly learning, and hence problem-solving is an issue for a child. The kid is at risk of having ADHD. (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder)

3. Slow development in thinking, speaking, reading, and writing

Since he or she will learn more slowly than peers of the same age.

4. Difficulty in socialization

They’ll find it difficult to adapt to society due to spending most of their time on mobile screens. Initially, it will affect the family first until it extends to socializing outside and making friends.

5. Intense emotions

Due to imitation of the media viewed or being unable to wait for anything for a long time. This is because while using a mobile phone, he or she is used to fast change and since the child has full control of it, it can cause the child to become violent, easily irritated, and aggressive if things don’t go the way he or she wants.

How to solve cell phone addiction

It’s not something that can be solved easily, but possible if family members work together to deal with it. The primary causes of the addiction were born from the upbringing of the parents. For solutions to all cell phone addiction problems, what is required? Let’s see!

1. Parents should be good role model for their children in using the phone properly

When you get home, put your phone down. Give more importance to the person ahead. These things will teach your child better than any words.

2. Set a time for mobile phone use

Parents and children should make an agreement on how many hours a day they can use their mobile phones. This agreement must be agreed to by 3 people.

3. Choose the right content when the child is addicted to the mobile phone

Parents should set content for their children to consume appropriately according to their age range. If there is any inappropriate scene, parents must be present to give proper guidance.

4. Do activities in the house together

Parents should have time to do various activities in the house with the child to reduce the amount of time your child spends on screens. It also helps strengthen family relationships. As a result, children grow up with quality.

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