How To Properly Train An Adolescent Child: Things That Parents Must Know

It is often said that many parents dread the adolescent stages. This is because at this point, children transition from being a child to being an adult. It is usually between the ages of 12-19 years old.

The adolescent stage comes with many physical, mental, and emotional changes for your child. Some physical changes include the growth of breasts for females and a deep mature voice for the male child.

Mentally, the child begins to form their thoughts about several things in society. They also desire to spend more time with their friends, not family. At this age, they crave freedom and are usually too engrossed with friendships and social media engagements.

Hence, parents usually find training an adolescent a handful. It requires a lot of patience, emotional intelligence, and discipline. Else, such a child could grow up spoiled and ill-trained.

Problems that parents face when their children enter the adolescence stage:

One of the significant issues parents face with an adolescent child is constant disobedience. As earlier said, children at this age crave the freedom to do whatever they want to. Friends and social media easily influence them.

This doesn’t go to say that all activities done at this age are bad. However, you must pay attention to your child’s friends at this age. The quality of their friendship matters to their general well-being and training.

As a parent with an adolescent child, your parenting duty is still very much needed. While you let your child grow into an adult, you should be there to guide them properly.

Here are a few parental tips to help ease the parenting process at this stage:

1. Always encourage them and assist when needed

As parents with adolescent children, it would be best if you were open-minded.

Society today has provided children with many lifestyle choices that you had many years ago. Not only that, but the learning process is now relatively easy and fast.

The important thing to do is to support your child as they engage in their lifestyle choice. Whenever you see your child doing something commendable, acknowledge their efforts and praise them. This helps them feel seen and makes them grateful.

As long as whatever they do does not affect others negatively, always support them and be ready to assist in any way possible.

2. Be more understanding of your children

It is important that you make every effort to understand your child more.

You were once an adolescent, and you know how things could be at this age. Try not to put too much pressure or unrealistic expectations on your child.

I’m the event that they make mistakes, don’t be quick to pass harsh judgments. Make sure to be soft-spoken and let them know you understand.

Carefully explain their actions to them and the negative effects it has. Always remind them you care and love them and will always be there when they need you. 

3. Asides from being a parent, be a friend to your child

Many parents miss the opportunity to create long-lasting friendships with their children.

You can never stop being a child’s parents, but it’s easy not to be their friend.

Hence, you should strive to make sure your children see you as friends they can easily approach to discuss specific issues.

To build this relationship, you should engage in fun activities with your child. Learn to kick-start conversations with them and offer helpful solutions to whatever problems they have.

Constantly make them feel seen and heard; in turn, they will grow to love and respect you.

This helps them avoid engaging in actions that may hurt their relationship with you and break the trust you have for them.

Parenting is a forever job. The dynamics and style of parenting change as your child grows.

Raising an adolescent child may be a rollercoaster. However, all you need to do is shift your parenting from being just parents to being friends. Have conversations with them and showcase an understanding of their needs and thoughts.

When all is said and done, your child will thank you for a job well done.

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