Preparing your baby before going to Kindergarten

It is usual for all babies at a certain age to leave the comfort of their parents’ arms and face the vast world to which they still have to make adjustments. More often than often, the first place children have to live apart from home is Kindergarten (or pre-kindergarten, depending on the parents’ choice).

Parents play a significant role in preparing their babies for Kindergarten. This helps ensure that the child can actually take care of themself in Kindergarten and allows parents not to worry too much.

Practicing basic self-help before entering Kindergarten

Most children who are ready to enter kindergarten start at 2 and a half or 3 years old. Fortunately, this is also the age when they can be trained to help themselves a bit. Here are a few things that, as a parent, you should teach your child at this age. They include:

  • Teaching your child how to use a spoon to eat: You can start by teaching them how to scoop rice and eat by themselves. They’ll get better at it with constant practice under your watchful eyes.
  • Practice using the toilet seat: At this age, you should stop wearing diapers for your child at all times. Teach them how to properly communicate their need to go to the bathroom to an adult. Also, constantly practice how to use the toilet and flush when done.
  • Teach them the basics of dressing themselves: You can start by showing them how buttons and zips work, how to put on their pants and socks, how to wear their shoes and tie their laces, etc.
  • Teach them how to hold a pencil and scribble. You could also teach them to colour and paint. This encourages them to be expressive and helps keep them busy.

Prepare your child both physically and emotionally.

Physically, the child must be healthy. Ensure that they are adequately fed with nutritious meals. Try to constantly make a balanced diet to help aid their growth.

Also, make sure they get enough night’s rest to constantly wake up refreshed. You are encouraged to take them out every other day to play and exercise. This helps to stimulate physical development and build muscle.

Emotionally, you need to raise your children to be well-behaved, patient, and not spoilt. Due to laziness and entitlement, an ill-mannered child will not have it easy in society.

Also, your child will only be able to make friends with other children in the Kindergarten if he is nice to them. Hence, don’t just over-indulge or spoil your crying child. Try to instill discipline and good manners with proper communication.

Another significant factor in preparing a child for Kindergarten is familiarising him with society to aid his physical and mental development. Take them out often and encourage them to try out new things that may seem scary at first.

The primary method is to take your children out of the house to meet new people, socialize, and engage in activities with children of the same age.

It also helps to properly communicate with your child. You can start by gradually explaining the reason for them starting Kindergarten, the need for friends, the role of a teacher, etc. This helps him understand the new change, and as such, he won’t be too stressed or overwhelmed.

Lastly, it is normal for every child to be confused and react by crying or fussing around when faced with a new situation.

As a parent, do not let this overwhelm you. Try to calm your child and explain the need for Kindergarten again. Constantly encourage them that all is well. Once you mentally and emotionally prepare your child for Kindergarten, you shouldn’t be worried anymore.

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