The 10 Forbidden Words That Parents Must Know

As a parent or guardian, it is important to be mindful of the language you use around children. Every word spoken can create a clue or problem in their minds, which can greatly affect their mental health.

To ensure you are raising a healthy child, avoid using these 10 forbidden words!

1. “I shouldn’t have had a child”

Every child is bound to feel some measure of guilt. Oftentimes, they will not go to their parents for help, no matter how large or small the problem is. Instead, they will reach out to their friends for advice, which is not always the best kind. This can eventually lead to bad habits that may be difficult to fix.

2. “Can you stop annoying your parents?”

A short sentence, but one that can hurt your child’s mental health more than you can imagine. They will realize that their parents don’t want to be close to them, or spend time with them, which can cause family friction.

3. “Cry and I will punish you”

If you’re aiming to raise an understanding child, then it’s important to encourage reasoning from a young age. Instead of simply scolding for misbehavior, try asking them questions on their attitude and help them come to a better understanding of their actions.

4. “Why don’t you act like others do?”

Comparing a child to family members, neighbors, or anyone else in your life is depressing and makes them feel guilty for being born that way. Ironically, whenever such words are used, the likelihood of future misbehavior increases.

5. “Why can’t you do anything?”

Yet another negative sentence spoken by parents to their children, which destroys their mental health. It can be tough to keep your cool when your kids don’t seem to be listening, but getting frustrated won’t do any good. Instead, try to be patient and understand that they’re still learning. Showing them that you’re patient and willing to help will go a long way in building their trust and confidence.

6. “We cannot love a child who behaves this way”

Another phrase that causes children to feel alone and unwanted. When they meet someone who understands them, they can be easily persuaded to go in any direction, whether right or wrong.

7. “It doesn’t matter what you say”

Parents need to understand that sometimes the child needs to explain his or her side of the story. Pause and listen to their reasoning – it strengthens the relationship and builds trust!

8. “Just wait until we get home”

This is one threat that children will be extremely scared of, to the point of paralyzing them, not wanting to stay in the house. Parents are unaware that it has become a mental health problem for children.

9. “Don’t consider me your parent anymore”

Don’t ever say this word to your kid, no matter the situation. It suggests a certain mindset that kids might adopt that their parents don’t truly love them, resulting in lots of difficulties.

10. Mocking Inferiority or Bullying

After all, even parents shouldn’t stoop down to such levels. Mockings such as fat, lazy, lousy, and other things, when said many times to children, lead to a poor self-image, which translates into their everyday life.

It’s so important that parents avoid using these 10 taboo words around their children, as they can cause serious mental health issues that can lead to problems later on in life for the child, their family, and society as a whole.

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