Things to Know Before Sending Your Child to High School

The Pros and Cons of Each Type of High School

As parents, we want to see our children grow to fulfill their potential. A crucial step towards achieving this potential lies in finding the right high school for them. To ensure that these expectations are met, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of each type of school offered in Thailand. Knowing these details will make deciding what school to take your child to easier.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Co-educational (mixed-gender) Secondary Schools

A co-educational secondary school is a type of school that accepts and admits both male and female students. The advantage is that the children learn about life during adolescence, growth, and concepts of the opposite sex. They will understand the differences in anatomy, behavior, and emotional expression, allowing them to socialize more easily.

However, the disadvantage is that they may have sexual relationships in school and have occasional quarrels as they compete for attention from the opposite sex.

Advantages and Disadvantages of same-sex schools

This type of high school only accepts students of the same sex. The advantage of this type of school is that there is no need to worry about gender, such as having a sexual relationship in school (because even if there is, it’s a same-sex teenage love, which is rare), and even in that case, they may still study harder.

As for the disadvantages, there will inevitably be same-sex relationships, whether it’s a boy or a girl school, as well as frequent quarrels. Moreover, when these kids finish school, they will have to meet with the general society of the opposite sex. This transition may take some time and may be difficult for them as they may feel embarrassed at first.

Things to consider when choosing a high school for your child


Choosing a secondary school near your home will make the journey easy for your child. Students who study close to their homes will not be rushed into exhaustion. This will ensure they are not too tired to read or do their homework. They will be well rested and feel refreshed for school every morning.

School quality and curriculum

If you have enough money, you want your children to be good at languages. Choosing overseas high school courses is good. However, if you are in the general middle class, you can consider quality schools with a positive reputation with standard course teachers that care about students.

Your child’s preferences

You should not overlook your children’s preferences if you want to raise a happy child. Ask about their opinions and where they would like to study. Children will study better if they are happy with their schooling environment.

Every parent should carefully consider the kind of high school to choose for their child. But above all, establishing a good foundation in the family will grow into responsible adolescents.

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