Tips For Quick Recovery After Giving Birth

Many people dream of having a lovely and happy family. While the definition of a happy family may be relative, there is the universal belief that it is one full of love and warmth. A lot of couples hope to have children to love and cherish forever. While this is a valid dream, parents must know the mental and physical effects of birthing a child. It is much more than the 9 months pregnancy window. After birth, the mother must nurse herself to full recovery while caring for a newborn baby. This can be overwhelming. However, not to worry, as we have come up with a few tips to help care for your health after childbirth.

Useful self care tips post childbirth

There are two major methods of giving birth. They include natural birth and a cesarean section. No matter which method is used, the aftercare is usually the same.

If you have pain in the perineal area, you will be given pain medication subject to your doctor’s recommendation. Perineal wound cleaning should be washed with warm water. Using a clean cloth or pure cotton to blot gently is best. This helps prevent the wound from opening and getting infected.

Also, many new mothers suffer from liquid excretions. Sanitary pads and towels are usually recommended until when such excretion stops. At certain points, you will be encouraged to walk around as it is believed it helps you heal faster.

There is also the issue of sleeping positions. New mothers must try to sleep on their backs and sides. These positions help prevent pressure on the incision and support your legs which helps relieve pain.

More useful tips to nurse yourself back to full recovery

Here are more tips to help you recover quickly post childbirth. Unlike the earlier mentioned guidelines, which are applicable in the first few weeks post-delivery, these tips transcend the first weeks and are useful until you feel much better. They include:

1. Eat balanced meals

This means meals that contain all the food classes in the right proportions. Eating a balanced diet helps fuel your body with much-needed nutrients. This, in turn, guarantees that your breast milk is loaded with nutrients for your baby’s benefit.

2. Get enough rest

The benefits of good rest cannot be overemphasized. Not only do you feel refreshed, but good rest allows the chemicals in your brain to be fully secreted. This, in turn, ensures you are always in good head space.

3. Refrain from lifting heavy objects

This is mostly to prevent any surgical wound from tearing and back or general body pains.

4. Make regular doctor appointments

To closely monitor your health and baby.

The role of a dad as it relates to the mother’s health post delivery

The first thing is to be supportive. You should lend as much mental and physical support as you can. Learn to play an active role in caring for the baby post delivery. Whenever the mom is resting, take over with the baby.

Also, monitor your wife’s diet to ensure she is eating well and refrains from any sort of heavy labor. By doing all this, she will surely regain her strength in no time.

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