Weight Training: The Best Way To Get A Lean And Fit Figure

Weight training is one of the most common exercises people use to stay fit and build muscles. It is a method that requires a lot of physical exertion and resistance.

While it is a great choice for building muscle, it requires a lot of patience, understanding, and a strict diet. As a woman, opting for weight training is a good idea if you want to maintain a lean and fit figure. This is because it helps you deal with excess fat and builds muscle in the required places.

How to prepare before weight training

It is usually recommended to start small when opting for weight training. This is due to the strength and resistance needed for weight training.

You should start with an active warm-up exercise like walking, running on a treadmill, stretching, cycling for 5-10 minutes, etc. This helps stretch your muscle, making it easy when you start benching weights. You can start weight training with 1-2 sets of light weights, then 1-2 sets of moderate weights. When your body fully adjusts to lifting and has built enough resistance, you can move to weight training.

What should I do after weight training?

Weight training can be very exhausting. That is why taking time to cool down and recuperate is important. You can also sip water for hydration. Avoid drinking a lot of water at once, as it can cause serious discomfort.

Some Benefits of Weight Training

  • To Lose weight and add muscle: Weight training is a great exercise if your goal is to lose weight or add muscle. It helps burn a lot of calories while building up muscle. With a great diet, weight training helps tone your fat and bulks up the right places in your body.
  • It helps you improve your eating habits: When you start to see the results from your weight training, you are encouraged to eat better to keep those results and improve yourself. Always choose healthy food that focuses on protein over fats and carbohydrates.
  • Studies have shown that women aged 30-50 tend to lose more than 10% of their muscle mass as it is replaced by fat. Weight training helps prevent that as it allows you to keep building your muscle, leaving little to no room for excess fat.

Things to keep in mind when weight training

To avoid physical and internal injuries, here are a few things to bear in mind when weight training :

1. Always do warm-up exercises and stretching

This helps stretch your muscles, making them capable of handling the weights you plan to lift.

2. Do not overdo it

Best to play safe and lift according to your capability. As your body adjusts and resistance builds up, you can add more weights to your training if you desire.

3. Always drink enough water when weight training

It is best to stay hydrated.

 4. Do not eat heavily before weight training

Save your heavy meal for post-workout.

Weight training is a great way to lean and tone the female body. Do not think that only men have the required strength to lift weights. You just need to start at your own pace and gradually ease yourself into it. So if you have been thinking of weight training, here is your sign to start today.

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