Best Tips For Parents on How to Raise a Child Properly

Every parent at some point has sought answers on how to raise a child properly. It is our view that it takes a lot of patience, work and dedication to properly raise a child. It gets more challenging when such a child approaches the age of adolescence. For the girl child, this is between ages 11-18 years and for boys, it is between ages 13-19 years.

When your child is approaching this stage of adolescence, it is important to you as a parent , adjust your parenting style to suit this new reality. Adolescence comes with a lot of changes such as a more pronounced personality, growth and character changes, physical changes, emotional changes, your child may become more opinionated, etc.

As Parents, you are responsible for providing guidance to your child during this period.

Raising a child properly, as a teenager is a parent’s nightmare

With adolescence comes a lot of teenage problems. It is often said that raising a teenager is every parent’s nightmare.

This is because teenagers like to assume that they are more informed and smarter than adults, even their parents. Also, in their quest for freedom and escape from parental control, they tend to become rebellious.

This is why parents need to go back to the drawing board if they have any hopes on raising a happy teenager.

How to raise a child properly: Tips for parenting during adolescence

1. Change the focus of your parenting style

The first thing to do is to change the focus of your parenting style from raising a child to raising a teenager. You should stop treating your child as a baby and more like a teen child. This requires you giving them some freedom to make their own decisions, hang out with friends, share opinions and thoughts, etc. All this can be done with some guidance that is not too restrictive.   

Every teen child wants to be viewed as an adult. Hence, doing so guarantees your child being a happy teenager.

2. Build a healthy relationship with your child

At this stage, it is important that you build and maintain a healthy relationship with your child. This is because teenagers often seek validation from friends and society in general. If you do not have a great relationship with your child where they can come to you for advice and conversations, there is a high tendency that they will make wrong choices to suit outsiders.

3. Listen to your child and offer advice where necessary

At this stage, your child has formed their own personality and has ideas, thoughts and opinions. You should listen to your child, acknowledge their opinions and offer advice where needed.

The key thing is to make your teen child feel valued. Where you need to correct them ,do so with love and understanding. Do not resort to violence or abuse as a form of discipline. 

It is important parents make necessary adjustments to their parenting style when their children approach adolescence.  You need to be equipped with the necessary mindset and attitude needed to parent a teen child. Stop seeing your child as a baby but like a young adult old enough to make decisions.  The kind of relationship you have with your teenage child translates to the kind of adult they will grow up to become.

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