Exploring 5 Alternative Healing Methods for a Troubled Childhood

A guideline to healing from a troubled childhood

Many children suffer trauma from dealing with a troubled childhood. More times than often, this trauma lasts from childhood  to adulthood. Fortunately, this generation is open to mental health checks and therapy as a way to deal with childhood trauma rather than letting it consume you.

What exactly causes a troubled childhood and what are the consequences?

A troubled childhood is caused by a series of events ranging from lack of parental love to bullying, abuse and self harm. These events pile up to create a trauma that affects the mental and emotional state of such a child. The obvious consequence is a pattern in the behavior or personality of the individual. They may turn out to be withdrawn or extremely paranoid and aggressive.

Some causes of childhood trauma include

1. Lack of parental love

The type of parents a child has greatly contributes to their personality and overall life. When a child is deprived of parental love, they tend to have a troubled childhood as they are hardly cared for. They may also grow up desperate for love, leaving  them vulnerable  to more abuse.

2. Strict Parents

Strict parenting is not a recommended parenting style because it deprives the child of certain experiences and forces the parents to come off as calculating and cold. Children with strict parents grow up as adults lacking self-confidence as it affects them from childhood to adulthood.

3. Alienation from family

Many children with troubled childhood refer to themselves as the forgotten child. When parents refuse to acknowledge a child or spend time with them, it causes the child to feel useless and unloved.

How do you recognize a person with a troubled childhood?

The main symptoms in children and adults alike are : aggressive behavior, huge temperament, no discipline or self control, no self confidence, constant moodiness, no clear sense of purpose, feeling of depression, anxiety, fear of commitment, etc.

A clear 5 step method to healing from childhood trauma

1. Accept that what happened in your childhood cannot be reversed

While it is unfair, the past cannot be changed. All that is left is the present and future. What matters is to not let the past affect your future.

2. Clearly outline your characters that are clear symptoms of your childhood trauma

Having them listed down helps you notice what you have to deal with and how best to start.

3. After understanding the problems you may be dealing with, outline possible solutions

The first being, mental health checks and therapy. There are also several practices you can look at such as meditating, exercising, journalling, reading self help books, making meaningful friendships, etc.

4. Create a great lifestyle full of practices recognized and encouraged by your psychiatrist

Constant participation is needed to see satisfactory results.

5. Give yourself time to see results

Remember you cannot undo the effects of your past in a day. The process of unlearning and healing is a long one so give yourself enough time and credit to get it done.

Childhood trauma is a big thing to deal with. It saps away joy in individuals, leaving them confused and feeling terrible. The effects last from childhood to adulthood. However, once you are ready to deal with the trauma, feel free to refer to our guideline. We wish you the best!

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