How Having a Troubled Childhood can Affect Children

How having a troubled childhood can affect children

It is common knowledge that children are heavily impacted by their childhood. Hence, children who have troubled childhood often grow up with unresolved trauma. This is why it is very important for children to create a warm and healthy environment for their children to grow up in. The effects of childhood trauma are often hard to deal with and some children have to live with it for the rest of their lives. Parents have to take all necessary steps to prevent such from happening.

Things likely to cause childhood trauma for any child

The causes of a troubled childhood are numerous. Some are, constant use of violence, abuse, sexual harassment, bullying, neglect, etc. The perpetrators of these actions are usually people close to the child. They are usually the parents, relatives, friends, teachers, and classmates. The cause can be parents, relatives, friends, teachers and people around the child. The effects of being subjected to this is that it causes a mental turmoil in the mind of the child, making them confused and feeling unloved.

Possible physical and psychological effects of childhood trauma

1. Physical effects

These are immediately noticeable as they appear on the body. They are usually the results of violence or beatings, forming sores, injuries and bruises on their body. Also, some children in response to abuse turn to self harm, a practice which could last from childhood to adulthood. It could also lead to death.

2. Psychological effects

These are the mental and emotional effects of  a troubled childhood. Children suffering from childhood trauma become withdrawn and anxious. They also find it difficult to trust and they suffer from low self-esteem. Depression and suicidal thoughts is another common effect of childhood trauma and it is very dangerous if not quickly addressed.

Children who suffer from childhood trauma usually feel unappreciated and unloved. This causes them to withdraw from everyone around them which could make them anti-social.

Understanding good parenting reduces the possibility of your child having a troubled childhood

The best way to avoid your child from suffering childhood trauma  is to practice proper parenting. Remove violence, bullying and abuse from your parenting style. Instead, embrace patience, understanding and love. Train your child with love and necessary guidance. The goal is to create a healthy relationship with your child. 

No parent wishes to have kids in trouble. To avoid this, all necessary measures must be taken. Start practicing a healthy parenting style where your child’s interests and mental health are well taken care of.

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