How to Raise a Child Properly Using Movies

How to raise your child properly using movies

Children are heavily influenced by what they are exposed to. The kind of music your child listens to, or movies they watch has a great influence on their personality and life view. Here are some techniques on how to raise a child properly using a media effect.

Many parents have opted to turn this into a great thing by introducing their children to good movies that help their kid’s development and add value to their lives.

How can I use movies to aid my kid’s development and raise my child properly?

Movies are a great way to aid child development. This is because many of these movies are filled with life teachings and morals. Also, English movies for kids help improve their vocabulary.

However, to use movies as a tool for raising kids requires parents to take active participation in watching these movies. This enables them to pick and monitor the kind of movies watched by their children.

When curating a movie list for your child, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Choose movies with positive teachings and moral lessons to aid your kid’s development. Try to avoid violence-filled movies especially when your child is still very young.
  • Parents should only pick mature content when their child is old enough to understand. Instead of shoving such content in their face, you need to wait for them to understand what is right and wrong. Patience is the key to raising kids.
  • Choose English movies for kids. This exposes them to the English language and helps their vocabulary. It also encourages them to learn and speak the language more.
  • Parents should try to be a part of movie time with their children. While watching together, you should explain what is happening in the movie and certain teachings you want your child to hold on to.
  • Make movie time a family thing. This is to create a family bond and healthy relationship.

Here are 5 quality movies to use to raise a child properly

1. Babe: The Gallant Pig

Cartoons are the best movie genre to introduce your child to. This is because children find animations engaging and fun to watch. Hence, it’s best to look for cartoons with good messages to watch.

2. 101 Dalmatians

There are movie and cartoon versions. The sole message is to teach your child that bad actions have bad consequences. It is a fun-packed movie that also allows your child to find an attraction to animals.

3. Madagascar

Madagascar is one of the most popular and loved English movies for kids in the world. It is fun to watch, and filled with important messages. Also, watching it in English is a great way to ensure your child improves their vocabulary.

4. Doraemon the Movie

This is a popular cartoon that has been made into several movies. The message taught in this movie is the importance of helping others, being kind and showing love to one another.

5. Toy Story

This is another popular and loved English movie for kids. It is great for a kid’s development as it not only teaches good lessons but also helps improve your child’s vocabulary .

Movies are a great way to improve your child’s learning development. It helps them stay imaginative while teaching them life lessons and improving their vocabulary. However, to benefit from movies, parents must ensure that their children are only exposed to good movies which have been carefully picked out by them.

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