Introduction To The EP Course In Elementary Schools

English is often referred to as the universal language. This is because it is spoken by many countries either as the first or second official language. Like several countries without English as their official language, Thailand has introduced the teaching of English into its school curriculum. This is what is referred to as an English Program course (EP).

While this is generally a welcoming action, many parents doubt whether this course is necessary or what advantages it could have for their children. Hence we have come up with detailed information on what this course entails and why it is a good program for your child.

How good is the EP course, and how is it different from attending an international school?

As the name suggests, the EP course basically involves your child learning the English language and how to read and write in English. It usually also involves the teacher teaching some subjects in English as this helps improve your child’s understanding of the English language.

Schools are required to use the curriculum according to the Ministry of Education. This guarantees that the English content is more in-depth than self-taught lessons. So, we have the answer if you are wondering about the advantages of your child taking an English program in elementary school. Simply put, it gives room for the constant practice of speaking, reading, and writing English daily, which helps your child become more fluent.

The major difference between an English program school and attending an international school is that with English program schools, subjects such as the Thai Language, Thai history, Buddhism, etc., are still taught in the Thai Language. However, international schools’ curriculum is usually foreign-based and does not have these previously mentioned Thia-related courses.

Why your child should learn a language at an early age

Raising a child in the modern era involves thinking ahead and making the best decisions for your child. The world is now a global village, and interactions with foreigners are as easy and frequent as possible. It is important that your child is not left behind, and so you should encourage them to pick up a new language other than the one of their locality.

The most obvious choice for parents is English. However, your child could also learn other languages if the opportunity to do so comes up.

Recommended EP Curriculum Elementary Schools for Parents

At this point, you must have understood the advantage of your child attending an elementary school with an English Program Curriculum.

On that note, here are a few recommendations of elementary schools for your child. They include:

1. Bangkok Christian College

Bangkok Christian Primary School is one of the most outstanding boys’ educational establishments in EP curricula. The school curriculum concentrates on providing content aimed at helping your child gain useful knowledge. There are also several language activities that teachers and children do together.

2. Assumption School

Or, as many people like to call it, Assam Primary School. This is another institution in Thailand that has been accepted by many parents for teaching EP courses that are intense and in-depth. Here, they focus on subjects deemed appropriate for the course of study.

3. Srivikorn School

This is yet another elementary school that offers EP courses by teachers who have exceptional knowledge and skills and understand the learning guidelines of all children. Parents can have peace of mind when sending their children to study here.

The elementary school EP curriculum is the cornerstone for helping your child learn the English language from an early age. When faced with making the decision to let your child attend a school with an Ep Curriculum, you shouldn’t hesitate.

Your children will thank you for the wonderful opportunity when they become adults fluent in English with no difficulties communicating with foreigners.

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