Is Being a Wednesday Child can Cause a Troubled Childhood

Can a troubled childhood be caused by being a Wednesday child?

The “middle child” in English, is a play on the word Wednesday’s Child. It is often believed that there is a greater chance of becoming a troubled child than the other children. With the eldest child being directed by his parents, while the youngest is overly been taken care of more than usual, can this mean that Wednesday’s child will feel left out? Is this happening? Let’s try to study information so that parents can get to understand how to raise a child properly.

Is the Wednesday child always a problem child? Why is that?

According to Adler’s Individual Psychology and research by Alfred Adler, it has been stated that “middle children” tend to become “real” troubled children. Despite their character, determination, and ambition to dare to do something different, they often feel that they are always overlooked by their family members. This leads to them creating some kind of small armor to beat other siblings and show their parents that they are just as important as everyone else. This often leads to aggressive behavior or some behaviors that are not pleasant. The child tends to have the feeling that he or she is a “black sheep” and that no one cares, hence starts living a life believing that he would not be a favorite of the family anyway.

Parents are the key factor that will make the middle child receive love and adjust to a new attitude

From the reasons described above, we will immediately know that the important thing that makes the “Wednesday child” often have such concepts comes from the expressions of their parents and those around them. This troubled childhood problem may accumulate until he grows up and turns into someone his parents never expected.

However, it is never too late, only if Asian parents know how to adjust their ideas and express them clearly to their children for them to grow up with quality. Asked what to do. Let’s check the list of these answers.

  • Show equal love to all children, such as hugging, kissing, buying them things, etc.
  • Let him live according to his desires by parents supporting and encouraging them closely, but in the right way.
  • Try hard to love each child equally. Don’t show more or less love to any child or compare love and care to your children. They’ll tend to think a lot about it. If you have compliments, you have to try to do it with every child, even at different times, no problem.
  • Try to get siblings to do activities together regularly. Including teaching each other how to love and reconcile.
  • Asian Parents must learn the habits of every child and adjust the parenting method to suit them the most.

Having a good family background would help the child grow up with a positive mindset. If parents are afraid that the middle child will think too much when encountering things around him, that will cause him to lose his character or be aggressive. Therefore, he or she will not listen to anyone. Try to apply these methods to every child, and you’ll see that your kids will grow with love in their hearts.

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