The Pros And Cons Of Raising Children The Asian Parent Way

Asian Parenting Style on How to Raise a Child

Parenting is a huge job that happens around the clock. The parenting style you choose to adopt greatly impacts how your child turns out to be.

Several parenting styles hugely depend on one’s views, values, and morals.

The Asain Parent style on how they raise their children is very common and particular to Asia, although it shares some similarities with other continents.

Today, we will review this parenting style compared with the western kind (mostly American), exploring their strengths and weaknesses.

Difference between American Parenting and Asian Parent styles

1. American Parent

This method is very liberal. The ideal American parent focuses on giving opportunities for their children to express themselves. They are usually ready to listen and advise their child and treat them as young adults who can make decisions without imposing one on them. They encourage them to try new things and even embrace the concept of romantic feelings at an early age.


  • Children are free to live as they wish, although with some level of guidance.
  • Children tend to be creative and never afraid to try new things.
  • Children tend to be happy as they can fully express themselves without constantly looking for parents’ approval.


  • Children are at a high risk of going wayward if not properly guided and disciplined.
  • Children are inexperienced, and treating them as adults all the time may greatly affect their view of life.

2. Asian Parent

The major thing an Asian parent worry about is maintaining the family reputation. Sometimes, they hold this belief to their child’s detriment and happiness.

Asian parents are very particular about respect and believe they should be listened to at all times. They also are usually very controlling and always try to make decisions for their children as they believe they know best.


  • Children are often obedient. They grow up to be obedient to any authority; Parents, teachers, older ones, government, etc.
  • Children are also very humble and respectful when meeting people, especially senior people.
  • Children grow up to value their relationship with family and love for one another.


  • Children are not very expressive: They are not usually encouraged to think for themselves and, as such, grow up to be very indecisive as they rely on their parents to make decisions.
  • Excessive austerity makes children uncomfortable, withdrawn, and unexpressive in their emotions. They grow up being scared of making mistakes.

Appropriate integration of both American Parent and Asian Parent styles

The best way to raise your child is to draw from the strengths of both parenting styles. You can be a supportive and liberal parent while providing proper discipline and guidance for your child.

You can teach your child good values and morals while encouraging them to express themselves and try new things.

There is no need to result in hitting your child to exert dominance as a discipline can be instilled in far better ways, like discussions, punishments that do not involve abuse, etc.

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