5 Chinese Old Parents Quotes that are Effective in Modern Times

5 old Chinese parents quotes that can still be used in modern times

Chinese parents have historically used Asian positive parenting methods of raising children, emphasizing the values of patience, strength, resilience, and successful problem-solving. They also instill the importance of filial piety, honesty, and creating wealth for oneself and one’s happy family in the future. It is therefore not surprising that many Chinese people, or those of Chinese descent, have achieved great success in life. For those interested in “old parents’ quotes,” we recommend these 5 meaningful quotes:

1. We become wiser in difficult times.

This quote from Confucius describes life well, as people always come up with new ideas or solutions when faced with challenges. It also speaks to the importance of being able to solve unexpected problems that children may encounter.

2. One who has strong perseverance is equivalent to having completed half of their task.

This quote teaches children the importance of being diligent, setting clear goals, and moving forward with confidence. With diligence and confidence, half the battle is already won, and with one final push, success is achievable. It is a truly positive parenting technique that encourages children to develop their best skills.

3. People must have polite manners, just as a flower must smell good and nice.

If you want to raise a happy child, it must start with good manners. When children have good manners, they will be loved and admired wherever they go, and people will want to be around them. They will feel at ease and not worry or stress about things around them. Speaking well and behaving properly is an important foundations of society.

4. Patience can help us avoid great adversity.

Another important lesson in child-rearing that has been popular in Chinese culture for a long time is the value of cultivating patience. For instance, if a mother scolds her child, it is because she wants to teach the child to do the right thing. Rather than arguing, the child needs to listen and learn how to improve.

5. The inability to distinguish between good and evil makes one the most dangerous person.

Good and evil are fundamental to life. If you want to create a warm and healthy family that does not contribute to the burden on society, it is important to teach children how to clearly distinguish between right and wrong, and what should and should not be done. Children will be able to internalize these guidelines and behave accordingly.

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