Traditional vs Modern Parenting Styles for Asian Parents

Which is better, Asian parenting style in the past or the present?

Asian parenting is often seen as distinct from the western style, reflecting the cultural character and lifestyle of the region. However, with the advent of a more developed era, there has been a noticeable shift in parenting practices among Asian parents from the past to the present. This begs the question: which parenting style is better?

Raising of Asian children in the past

In the past, Asian parents were known for their strictness, expecting their children to abide by a set of rules that they deemed appropriate. If a child were to make a mistake, punishment would be inevitable, and parents often exerted significant control over various aspects of their children’s lives. The advantages of this approach include instilling discipline in children and helping them follow societal norms. However, the disadvantages of such parenting practices often lead to children feeling constrained and seeking unconventional ways of expression or decision-making, which may result in deviant behavior or feelings of undue pressure.

Asian parenting style today

Asian parents nowadays tend to adopt a more modern Asian parenting style, as they gain a better understanding of the behavior of the new generation and how they should be raised. Many parents do not wish their children to experience the same upbringing as themselves, hence they allow their children to follow their preferences, while still emphasizing the importance of upbringing. However, some restrictions and guidelines are still necessary to ensure the child’s well-being and behavior align with cultural norms. This approach offers the advantage of allowing children more freedom in their thoughts and actions, without feeling pressure from their family to conform. However, parents must remain vigilant and monitor their children’s behavior to ensure they stay on the right path, particularly concerning their choice of friends.

In conclusion, which is better: the parenting practices of Asian parents in the past or the present?

Answering the question of whether the parenting practices of Asian parents in the past or present are better is challenging, as every parent’s ultimate goal is to raise their child to be a good person in society. Therefore, a mixed parenting approach may be necessary, allowing children the freedom to pursue their interests while still providing guidance and structure to prevent them from straying. This positive parenting technique can help children develop qualities and understand the efforts of their parents to nurture them.

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