Myth or Fact? Western Parents are Better Than Asian Parents

Is it true that Western Parents are Better Than Asian Parents

It is often said that Western parents raise their children better than Asian parents. Western and Asian parenting methods have been compared for many generations, and with the rise of the internet, it is easier than ever to access information on different parenting styles. Many parents have shared their methods of raising their children, providing a wealth of information for others to read and comment on. This can be a helpful guide for new parents who are looking for guidance on how to raise their children.

After reading about different parenting methods, it is clear that raising children in the Western style and parenting as Asian parents are two distinct approaches. Let’s take a closer look at how they differ.

Western Style Parenting

1. Be assertive

Western parents allow their children to express their opinions and ask questions without fear of being scolded or reprimanded. When children exhibit inappropriate behavior, Western parents will often talk to their children about why they acted in that way and ask them how they feel about their actions.

2. Support what you like

Western parents will observe their children from a young age to see what interests and passions they have. They will then support their children in pursuing those interests, whether it be buying a soccer ball for a child who loves to play soccer or purchasing a musical instrument for a child who is interested in music.

3. Practice responsibility

As children grow older, their responsibilities will increase. For example, a child who is 8 years old may be responsible for watering the plants, while a 12-year-old may help their parents with grocery shopping. Western parents train their children to be responsible from a young age, creating a warm family environment.

4. Do activities together

Western families often have designated “family time” where everyone in the household leaves work or personal activities behind and comes together for activities such as barbecues, sports games, or other activities.

5. Self-reliant

Western parents teach their children to be self-reliant and make their own decisions. This includes teaching them to think, analyze, and evaluate what they want or need before making a purchase. They may also encourage their children to earn their own money so that they can make their own buying decisions.

Asian Parenting

1. Allocate everything for the child

Asian parents often plan out every aspect of a child’s life, from birth to adulthood, without giving the child the opportunity to choose their path in life.

    2. Expectations of the child

    Asian parents have high expectations for their children, often expecting them to become the person that the parents want them to be, without considering whether the child is happy with that path or not. In some cases, parents may have children with the expectation that the children will take care of them when they are older.

    3. Strictness

    Asian parents are often strict with their children, setting strict deadlines and limiting the choices that children are allowed to make. This strictness can lead to children being assertive, but also afraid to express their own opinions.

    Children who grow up in both Western and Asian parenting environments often experience different outcomes. Children who are raised by Western parents tend to grow up to be assertive, responsible, and self-reliant, quickly finding their path in life. Children who are raised by Asian parents, on the other hand, may grow up to be assertive, but may also be afraid to express their opinions and may not know what they like or what they are good at, often putting a lot of pressure on themselves to succeed.

    It is clear that the method on how to raise a child properly is important and can directly affect a child’s development. Whether or not a child grows up to be successful and well-rounded depends on many factors, including the family background, perspective, and parenting methods of the parents. It is up to each family to decide which parenting methods they agree with and want to adapt and apply in their own home, to create a warm family environment.

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