Get Fit with Weight Training for Women: Beginner Tips

All you need to know about weight training for women

Weight training is a great way to exercise, especially if you are looking to lose weight or get fit. Women often shy away from weight training as they view it as a man’s exercise. This belief is not true as women can also lift weight and build muscle.

Hence, in this article we have provided useful tips on weight training for women while highlighting the various benefits of weight training for women.

The benefits of weight training for women

The main goal of weight training is to build muscle by reducing fat, leading to firmness of the body. Weight training is often recommended for people dealing with abdominal fat, big arms, big thighs, etc. 

What weight training does is to turn this excess fat to muscle, thereby increasing your body’s muscle mass and overall look. Having muscles makes you feel and look fit. Also, it is hard to go from building muscle back to fat.

Beginners problems with weight training

1. Pain and fatigue from exercise

To get fit is a serious business. It requires sacrifice of time and body energy. However, you need not jump right into it. For beginner weight training, you have to start lightly. Then as you begin to increase your strength and body perseverance, you can take up more weight. That way, you won’t leave much room for excess pain or fatigue.

2. Possibility of Injuries

Women who want to take up weight training are often stopped by the possibility of sustaining terrible injuries. While the possibility is high, it can be mitigated. As stated earlier, the thing is to start slow and light. Try to do warm up exercises and recognize your limit with the weights. As long as you are careful, there is little to no chance for accidents and injuries.

3. How often should I exercise?

This is a frequent question beginners ask. We recommend you do it often but also create rest days. As a beginner, you can weight train for one day and have two rest days in between. As you advance, you can reduce your rest days as your body would begin to build muscle and more strength to take on weights.

Weight training is a severely underrated exercise. Women must stop shying away from it and look into weight training. It’s a great way to build a lean and toned figure that helps boost confidence and encourages a healthy lifestyle.

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