How to Raise a Child Properly: Are You Over-scheduling Your Kids?

When children need private time, how should strict parents learn how to raise a child properly?

“Personal time” is equally important for both children and adults. It is essential to give our loved ones time to have their own space. While adults can always find time for themselves when needed, it can be more challenging to provide children with that opportunity. This may be because strict parents do not understand the importance of personal time or for various other reasons. Let’s explore together why having personal time is important and necessary for a happy family.

Why is the personal time necessary?

Everyone, regardless of gender or age, yearns for personal time. Although it may seem unimportant at first glance, personal time is very important and necessary. Each day should be divided to provide children with some private time to do what they enjoy and grow up with quality. Sometimes, in daily life, children may have a tight schedule or be engaged in activities provided by their strict parents. This may result in them feeling tired. Having some time to do whatever they want can be a great feeling and also enhance a child’s learning efficiency. Private parenting is considered a positive parenting approach for modern strict parents. It is a proper way of knowing how to raise a child properly as well.

Parents’ good intentions may sometimes be the reason why children don’t have enough personal time. In many families, parents plan their child’s life and activities, leaving little time for the child to play freely like a child. These strict parental effects can be harmful in the long run. A good life should involve the ability to live according to one’s age and enjoy personal time. Therefore, parents should not be too strict with their children and should allow them to have some personal time to live life and play.

Effects of not having time for your child

When children grow up with strict parents, it can lead to a lack of personal time, as mentioned above. This can directly impact the child, causing them to experience feelings of suppression, stress, and pressure. This may potentially lead to mental health problems and relationship issues. These problems can be difficult for children to address, and in some cases, they may feel unable to explain their issues. Treatment from a psychiatrist may be necessary to address while learning how to raise a child properly.

How do you know if your child has enough personal time?

Many strict parents may wonder if their children have enough personal time or not. One way to observe this is by seeing if their children have time to engage in various entertaining activities, play with friends, or simply relax for 2-3 hours a day. Depending on the age of the child, more relaxation time may be necessary. However, if the child spends all day studying or participating in activities, without any time for family activities, it may be a sign that the child needs more personal time. In such cases, strict parents should urgently make an effort to give their children more personal time.

How do you know how to raise a child properly?

This step can be easily implemented by allowing the child to have 3-4 hours of rest per day without any school or activity schedules that are too tight. Sometimes, such schedules can exceed the child’s capacity to learn. Showing good love sometimes means giving children personal time to themselves.

For parents, children are precious and should be taken care of as best as possible. Providing love and attention is crucial for a child’s development, and giving them personal time is equally important. This personal time is just as valuable to the child as the love they receive from their parents. Allowing children to spend time alone is another way to show them love.

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