How to Raise a Child Properly by Understanding Emotions

How to raise a child properly by understanding emotions

Every parent needs to learn how to raise a child properly. A key tool to raising a healthy family is by understanding and acknowledging the feelings of every family member, even children. Parents must learn to not be dismissive of their child’s emotions. Instead, they should be understanding and welcoming of such emotions. This encourages children to be more expressive of their thoughts and feelings.

Understanding your child’s emotions is a key factor to raising a happy family

A healthy family is a happy family. Understanding and acknowledging your child’s emotions is a great parenting tip that ensures you raise a happy family. This is because, when you constantly address your child’s emotions in a good way, they feel loved and appreciated. This creates room for family bonding.

How to teach your child properly to cope with different emotions

Everyone feels emotions at certain times. What is important is that we learn to manage it well. Children are young and inexperienced, hence it is left to parents to teach them how to manage their emotions.

As a parent, you should not dismiss or invalidate your child’s emotions, rather you should teach them how to manage it. Here are a few approaches to take when teaching your child:

  • The early stage of feeling : Once you notice your child is beginning to feel a certain kind of way, you should immediately approach them. Ask empathetic questions like ‘How are you?’ ‘How do you feel right now?’ ‘What are you sad about?’
  • The middle stage : At this point, your child is fully aware of their feelings and has a typical response. E.g when feeling sad; they cry, when feeling angry; they lash out, etc. As parents, you should turn to comforting words at this stage. Validate their feelings and responses and acknowledge them as normal responses. This teaches your child that it’s normal to feel a certain kind of way. If you would like to advise them on other ways to express their emotions, do so lovingly.
  • The last stage: At this point, the feeling or emotions have subsided and so your child is more clear-headed and relaxed. Here, you can fully communicate with your child on how to deal with past emotions. A great way is to journal your feelings, take a little break by counting 1-100 and then return to work.

Using psychology to raise a child properly

The use of psychology to raise your child is something all parents  do daily. It is important to understand and relate to your child and their feelings. This makes them feel loved and appreciated thereby bringing the family close. Once your children are loved, you can guarantee raising a happy family.

We all learn and unlearn everyday. Hence, if you are a parent whose usual style is to impose decisions on your children without paying mind to their emotions, you need to stop today. The goal is not to have submissive children but to raise a healthy and happy family.

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