Parenting Mistakes Asian Parents Must avoid

Parenting mistakes asian parents must avoid when raising children

 Asian parents are known for their strict style of parenting. This kind of parenting puts a lot of pressure on kids as it strips them of their ability to make their own decisions. Some people refer to the Asian parenting style as depressing as it has very little benefits compared to its numerous shortcomings.

What effect does strict parenting have on children?

The issue with parenting problems is that children are on the receiving end. Hence, many parents are unaware of the consequences of their actions. In the Asian community, the strict style of parenting is what has been passed down by generations and that is why Asian parents are strict.  What then are the effects of strict parenting on children?

1. It makes it difficult to raise assertive children

Once your parenting style involves dictating actions and criticizing mistakes, you leave no room for not creativity. Hence, your child is afraid of making decisions on their own without waiting for you to bark some instructions. This is a great impediment to learning.

2. Such Children grow up with the inability to make decisions on their own

This is because they become so afraid to make mistakes and offend their parents. This is not a great quality as it may affect them as adults in future.

3. It leads to low self esteem in children as they do not feel understood or appreciated

Strict parenting puts a lot of pressure on kids with no real reward or show of appreciation. 

4. Such children grow up with the inability to clearly express themselves or give opinions

So they turn to lying to make their parents feel good. This is especially when they do not agree with their parents on certain things. 

4 parenting mistakes Asian parents should not make when raising children

1. The most obvious is to not be too strict

Being strict has little to no value. All it does is put pressure on kids and cause parenting problems. It also robs children of their childhood because rather than live a happy childhood full of fun and mistakes, they need to live up to their parents’ often unrealistic standards. This damages their self esteem and impedes their learning process.  

2. Constant comparison with other children

This is common with Asian Parents. It is unhealthy to constantly compare your child with their peers especially if your goal is to taunt them or make them feel less of a person. This could cause self esteem issues. It is also a major cause of children growing up with deviant attitudes towards their parents.

3. Frequent scolding with no words of encouragement

Asian parents find it very issue to scold their children over the tiniest mistake, just as they find it hard to offer words of encouragement. Frequent scolding with little to no encouragement makes your child feel under-appreciated. Rather than sticking with yelling, try encouraging your child and expressing displeasure with softness and love.

4. Talking about the same mistake over and over

This is a terrible habit Asian parents have. They tend to be fixated on an issue and constantly remind their children of  a mistake they made. This is unnecessary as there is no need to constantly bring up the past to belittle your child. Instead, address the mistake once, make sure they learn lessons from it and move on. There is no need to discourage them by constantly bringing it up.

Strict parenting is the order of the day in many Asian households. However, it is time to bring an end to such archaic and problematic parenting style. Embrace the open-minded parenting style and encourage your children to be the best versions of themselves.

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