Do Asian Parents Tend to Overindulge Their Children?

Do Asian parents tend to overindulge their children?

It is believed that every parent loves their children and always wants the best for them. However, many Asian parents often mistake obsession for love and so they tend to spoil their children. Their excessive show of love brings forth negative results and there is little or nothing they can do to undo their mistake.

What exactly do we mean by excessive show of love for Asian parents?

While it is natural for parents to love their children, there are instances where such love turns into obsession. Like the saying, ‘too much of everything is bad’, parents must learn to caution themselves when dealing with their children.

The Asian parenting style often shows Asian parents loving their children beyond reason and so they indulge their children in everything.

Instances which call for discipline are often ignored, and in situations where the child is wrong, their parents will keep taking their sides and making excuses.

Doing all this is not a show of love, it is you simply lacking boundaries and having parenting problems.

What are the effects of this excessive show of love?

The most common effect is that such children grow up to be ill-mannered. They refuse to obey the law or listen to any correction. Even among their peers, they show no respect or  tolerance for anyone.

This is because, all their lives, their parents have sheltered them from the truth and put up with their bad attitudes. Asian parents need to learn how to raise a child properly.

What then is the best way to raise a child as Asian parents?

The best way to raise a child is to love them in moderation. You should know when to discipline a child. Discipline can be word of mouth or slight punishment, not necessarily abuse.

Learn to communicate reasons for your disapproval of actions and make sure they understand.

In today’s world, we need to stop dealing with fixable parenting problems and choose better parenting styles.

As a parent, when you show love with one hand, and also I still have good values in your child, you raise them to be well mannered adults. They don’t just end up as useful people but also as good individuals who can clearly differentiate right from wrong.

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