How Bullying can Lead to a Troubled Childhood

A troubled childhood can become a long-term trauma

Bullying is a major contributor to a troubled childhood. Sadly, the rate of bullying in primary schools and secondary schools is on the high side. Children are exposed to such worrying levels of violence in schools which has major effects on their mental and physical health.

Parents have a huge responsibility to prevent their child from being bullied and to respond fast once they suspect a case of bullying.

What are the causes of bullying in school?

As earlier established, bullying is now common in primary schools and secondary schools. There are many reasons children turn out to be bullies. Some are:

  • Abuse: A typical high school bully is usually a victim of abuse. It could either be abuse from parents or guardians, or some sort of unresolved trauma. Such people see bullying as a way to vent or take control of their life.
  • Being self centered or constantly needing attention is another reason children become bullies.
  • Some children believe it’s fun to make fun of others that are different in terms of race, skin colour, physical attributes, gender, etc.

How to handle your child being a bully victim to avoid a troubled childhood?

It is imperative that all parents are observational especially as regards the behavior of their children. If you notice any difference in their behavior such as them being withdrawn, sad or constantly afraid, it’s an indication that they may be a victim of bullying.

If such is the case, here are a few things to do to address the situation:

1. Talk to your child

The first thing is to talk to your child. Ask questions concerning their sudden behavior and if there is anything you can do to help. If your child opens up, contact the school immediately to report the case of bullying. The idea is to show your child you will always be there for them.

2. Encourage your child to express themself more

Teach your child to express their thoughts and opinion clearly. A high school bully usually relies on the silence of their victims to avoid being caught. It is important to teach your child that their thoughts and opinions will always be valid.

3. Encourage your child to make friends

Bullies often find it hard to target a child who belongs to a friend group. This is due to the fear of backlash from other members of the group. Teach your child to make friends so they have people to rely on in such situations.

Bullying is a big problem in society. It is a major cause of trauma and troubled childhood. In addition to other parental responsibilities, parents must do all necessary things to prevent their child from being victims of bullying.

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