Why Asian Parents Should Adopt Modern Parenting Styles

Why Asian parents should adopt modern parenting styles

The traditional Asian parenting style is heavily dependent on respect and the unquestionable authority of elder ones. This however is not a great way to raise a child as it leads to them having low self-esteem and zero creativity due to fear of talking out of turn.

The negative effects of strict parenting on children have forced many Asian parents to acknowledge the need to adopt a new parenting style. The dream of every parent is to raise a healthy family and for Asian parents, this means adopting a parenting style different from traditional parenting.

Positive parenting is the most acceptable form of parenting today. It is a great contrast from strict parenting as it encourages children’s creativity while leaving room for discipline when necessary. With positive parenting, it is guaranteed that you can raise a warm family with amazing children who are good-mannered and well-spoken.

How to practice positive parenting as Asian parents

1. Encourage your child to be imaginative

Be open to your child using their emotions. Do not stifle their creativity or turn them away when they come to you. Instead, acknowledge their brilliance and offer advice on improvement. 

    2. Teach your child problem-solving skills

    Teach your child how to be problem solvers. This allows them to have a certain level of independence as children. Having independent children, who are capable of solving their issues with little guidance from you, helps raise a healthy family.  

    3. Spend time together as a family

    One aspect of positive parenting is that it requires you to spend time together as a family. This also helps you build a warm family. Spending time together allows you to create memories and strengthen your bond as a family.

    4. Do not raise a spoiled child

    The goal of every parent is to raise a healthy family. On this note, it is extremely important to state that positive parenting does not mean lazy parenting.  You are not supposed to overindulge your child and turn them into spoiled children. Instead, you are to raise them with love and affection.

    5. Celebrate their wins with them

    The secret to a healthy family is constant joy and happiness. Celebrate your children’s wins with them and give them constant reassurance and words of encouragement.

    It can be seen that modern parenting is not a stark contrast to traditional Asian parenting. Rather, it is an improvement, one that puts the child’s interest at the forefront. Asian Parents must recognize the need to adopt the Positive Parenting method as it is a great step toward raising a healthy family.  

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