Asian Parents’ Acts of Affection that Children May Not Understand

Asian parenting that children may not understand

Do Asian parents love their child? Yes, they do. The Asian parenting style differs significantly from the western style, with Asian parents often enforcing obedience and control over their children. This approach can directly impact a child’s behavior and temperament and may be seen as a cultural norm of non-assertiveness among Asians that have persisted for generations. However, with increased cultural exposure, new ways of child-rearing are emerging, and Asian children are now growing up with more diverse and higher-quality parenting styles.

How Asian parents express love differently from Western parents

Both Asian and Western families have different parenting ways of showing love toward their children. While Western families may express love through physical touch like hugging or kissing on the cheek, or praising their children when they do well. Asian families may not display love in such overt ways. However, things that Asian parents do show love indirectly by paying attention to small details, although this may not always be recognized by the child. It is important to acknowledge and appreciate these displays of affection when they are evident, as it can strengthen the bond between parent and child.

Advantages and disadvantages for a child when their parents show love towards them

When parents show love towards their children, there can be both advantages and disadvantages for the child.


  • Children feel their parents’ love.
  • The child has a safe area when being at home together with family.
  • They’ll have the confidence to do things no matter what goes wrong.


  • Weakness.
  • When the child enters adolescence, they may be embarrassed when parents show love in front of others.

What are some ways of showing love that Asian parents often do?

Asian parenting has a distinct way of expressing love compared to Western parenting. In Asian families, building strong family relationships often involves pampering their children to create a sense of love and affection. This is evident in the tendency for children to favor their fathers over their mothers, who are often prone to complaining and scolding. However, excessive pampering can lead to spoiling children and creating entitlement. Additionally, Asian parents often express their love through wishes for their children’s well-being, acquiring material possessions, or planning their future without consulting their children. This can sometimes make children feel uncomfortable, especially if they are unhappy with the path their parents have set for them. These forms of expressing love are often subtle and unspoken, rather than displayed overtly in body language.

Why should Asian parents show more love for their children?

Asian parents should express more love for their children because clear expressions of love make it easier for children to recognize and feel loved by their parents, without having to analyze or interpret subtle actions.

Things Asian parents do to express love and affection have a positive impact on the child’s self-confidence and their ability to do good for themselves and others. There is no need to feel embarrassed about showing love to each other, and starting to do so is a crucial step in building strong family relationships. By demonstrating love towards their children, parents can ensure that their children feel loved and grow up with a high quality of life.

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