Is It Effective for Asian Parents to Use Physical Discipline?

Asian parenting’s style: Is hitting children an effective method for discipline?

Raising a child in an Asian way is different from that in Europe or America in terms of creating a framework and rules for children to be respectful, disciplined, and follow the path set by adults. This includes punishment employing “hitting” to hope that the child will follow the rules and not go out of the way. However, in reality, this may just be the belief of Asian parents. The question now arises as to whether hitting a child can lead to good behavior or not.

Asian parenting ways have been a long-standing tradition

As mentioned earlier, Asian parenting often involves creating a framework with clear requirements for all children to be orderly, easy to raise, and not stubborn. This is a long-standing tradition, and Asians are well acquainted with this parenting style.

Is hitting a child in the hope of achieving good results effective and does it yield positive results?

In the past, the Asian style of parenting that involved hitting might have worked to some extent. However, nowadays, it is widely acknowledged that raising children correctly should not involve any form of physical or mental violence. With the proliferation of media, children are exposed to more information and ideas than ever before. Hitting a child simply because they did not do something right or because the parent did not like it, may result in misunderstandings that can lead to unexpected actions in many dimensions. Therefore, if parents want to create a warm family environment, it is recommended that they raise their children with reason and understanding.

However, many parents who are still addicted to traditional parenting may have doubts about why they should not hit their children. The answer is clear: violence does not benefit anyone, and it may create a knot in the child’s mind. The child may remember the violence and become violent toward others in the future.

Raise children using a Western-parenting style

Another positive parenting method that I would like to recommend is to adjust the way of raising children in a Western-style, for example, giving them full freedom of thought and action under the condition that it must not cause trouble or disturb others. If there is a problem, talk about it. Don’t be afraid that your parents will punish you. This is another way to build warm family relationships where children are happy and parents don’t have to be overly tired. If there is any admonishment, explain it with reasons.

Even though things Asian parents do may still have deep roots, as times change, Asian parents must know how to adjust their style properly for the future growth of their children. They should not create any trouble for themselves or the people around them. It should be emphasized that hitting is not always the right way.

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